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Isaac Traenkenschuh

Prophetic Artist

Isaac Traenkenschuh grew up in a quiet rural cattle ranching town in eastern Oklahoma. In 2011 he set out to start his dream of attending Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida as a computer animation major with plans to work for an animated motion picture studio. 

Upon graduation of Ringling College in May of 2015, Isaac’s life was shaken by the power and love of Jesus Christ. Through leading of the Holy Spirit, he felt encouraged to stay in Sarasota to pursue a career of art and prophetic ministry by using his talent and skill as a platform to share the love, mercy, and forgiveness of God. 

Today he owns and operates his prophetic, Holy Spirit inspired art gallery and creative studio, ‘High Motif’, in the heart of downtown Sarasota. Through personal encounters with the Holy Spirit, he continues to pursue the creative calling he believes Jesus Christ the Messiah has given him; to share the love, joy, peace and hope that has been revealed to him through his prophetic art.

Isaac’s work embodies the texture or feeling of the master impressionist artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, and Claude Monet. His favorite color choices are inspired by the way light moves across iridescent materials such as peacock feathers, ocean waves, pearls, geode crystals, opal stones, soap bubbles, and anything shiny, refractive or mysteriously colorful. 

Every piece of art has been prayerfully created with you especially in mind. On the back of each painting, Isaac notes a Bible verse and a word of encouragement, that at the time of painting, resonated with what he felt from his heart to write as the Biblical logos and Holy Spirit rhema word for the art piece.

His hope is that through his art, your life destiny is confirmed with what Jesus, through the Holy Spirit is already speaking to you personally: “You are loved, forgiven, and not forgotten.”

You can be sure your purchase of Isaac’s, one of a kind, hand painted art originals will bring you peace, love, and joy as you are reminded of God’s beautiful grace and mercy. 


1663 11th Street
Sarasota, FL 34236, USA
(941) 777-5091

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