The Kickstarter Game Trailer that raised over $100,000.

Summer Animation Internship 2014. Isaac Traenkenschuh was responsible for Character Puppet Animation using provided After Effects rigs.

Video above is the original kickstarter game trailer with animation shots I did shown in color.

About Jenny LeClue

“Jenny LeClue is a handcrafted, exploration based, adventure game focused on story, character & mystery!” – Kickstart Campaign

The Kickstarter Campaign

Project Lead:
Joe Russ – 10 years of experience as a motion designer, director, and developer.

• The campaign started JULY 22, 2014
• Project funds successfully AUGUST 21, 2014
• 3,969 backers pledged $105,797!

Isaac’s Role: Video Trailer Character Animation

Isaac Traenkenschuh was still attending Ringling College of Art and Design as a Junior Computer Animator in Summer of 2014. He was selected by Mografi to be their lead character animator intern for the production of the game trailer.

Animation Process

Isaac worked with Adobe After Effects and the company provided character puppet rigs to create key framed animation.

Team Building

The video team met in daily meetings to access each phase of the project, ensuring direction was clear, timelines were reasonable, and work quality was in check. 

Besides the trailer, Isaac also created animated banners:


Screen shots from the kickstarter campaign page:

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