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About The Company

Located in Sarasota, Florida, is Coastal Home Photography (CHP) a real estate photography company which primarily services photography and videography for real estate sales and rental companies that market million dollar “luxury” properties.


Project Management: 

Isaac was the primary office liaison between over 300+ real estate sales and marketing clients in the, ”luxury”, multi-million dollar real estate market and a team of photographers and videographers.

Managed all client projects from first call to final delivery.

Collaborated and solved project conflicts when delays or complications came up.


Business Strategy and Development:

Collaborated with owner, Glenn Johnson, to strengthen overall business practices, services and pricing.

Job roles were clarified so team members could rely on and know who to talk to when needing support for clients in a particular area.

Prices and policies were publicly displayed online to improve client trust and communication.

Sales increased by 10%.

Project pipeline was clarified and streamlined to produce dependable project delivery expectations.

Cleared miscommunication between clients and team members. The team was less stressed and could create better quality work, without feeling rushed. Clients could clearly understand and anticipate exactly what was expected for final project delivery.

New Web Design:

Redesigned website with responsive mobile first design.

Reorganized and clarified site content to show work cleaner, clearer, and bigger.

Organized the site to perform as a click funnel; guiding users to eventually click the “schedule appointment” button.

See the web design at


New Online Booking System:

Developed a dynamic logic based online booking form that presented different questions based on options selected by clients.

This was important, because in real estate photography, a “one size fits all” booking/scheduling software doesn’t work well. Each project is different and requires a list of questions to narrow down the client’s need. This system dramatically decreased time office assistants would spend with each client to book appointments.



Redesigned Website

Live site snapshot taken spring of 2020

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