The Artist

Isaac Traenkenschuh
Artist & Owner of High Motif

Career Highlights

With a heart of service, Isaac’s mindset has always been to provide creative solutions; solutions that are not always directly related to the creative arts. 

From mid 2016 to fall 2019 Isaac worked directly under Glenn Johnson, Photographer and Owner of Coastal Home Photography to manage day to day operations, update the company’s branding and streamline back office work procedures. Sales increased by at least 10%. View Case Study

In 2015, Isaac graduated RCAD. After school, Isaac became fully involved with a faith ministry based in Nokomis, Florida. The ministry communicated and traveled back and forth to Central South America to feed the hungry, support the poor, and mend the broken hearted.

Summer of 2014, between Junior and Senior year of RCAD, Isaac interned with Joe Russ, Motion Designer and Owner of Mografi to animate key framed character performances in the Jenny LeClue Kickstarter Game Trailer. In less than 30 days, the Kickstarter Campaign raised over $100,000, which was almost double their original goal of $60,000.

Click here to read about the Jenny LeClue game trailer internship.


Why “High Motif”?

High : adjective

\ ˈhī   \

: situated or passing above the normal level, surface, base of measurement, or elevation.

Motif : noun
mo·​tif | \ mō-ˈtēf   \

: a dominant idea or central theme.


Ringling College of Art and Design
BFA in Computer Animation 2015

University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
AS in Graphic Design 2010

Creative Solutions

Isaac works through High Motif to offer services in animation, illustration, fine art, graphic design, and creative business consulting.

Studio Software

Due to licensing, software listed below is only activly used on a “per project basis” and may not always be available for every budget level.

If your project requires software not listed here, Isaac should be able to quickly learn it for your production.

Experienced Usage:

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Animate/Flash
Adobe Audition
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya, Render Software
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Sheets
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Pixar Renderman PBR
Pixologic Z brush

Novice Programming Skills

Enough understanding to read and edit existing code, and sometimes create basic expressions.

Microsoft Excel Functions
Google Sheets Functions
After Effects Expressions

Save valuable time and money.

Isaac has the creative solution for you.



  • Key Framed Animation
    • After Effects Character Animation (You provide the rigged character)
    • 2D Puppet Animation
    • 2.5D Puppet Animation
    • 3D Maya Animation
  • Hand Drawn Animation
    • 2D Story Boarding
    • 2D Animatics
    • 2.5D Animatics (3D Layered Parallax Effects Added to show depth)
    • White Board Animation
    • Story Time Animation

Design & Illustration

  • Web Design
    • Domain Name Activation
    • Shared Hosting
    • Online Brochure
    • Online Resturant Menu
    • Click Funnel Page
    • About Page
    • Online Store (woocommerce)
    • Online Auctions
  • Social Media
    • Account Setup
    • Marketing Plans
    • Content Creation
    • Audience Growth
    • Auto Scheduled Posts
    • Product Showcase
    • Event Reminders
    • Ad Campaigns
  • Illustration
    • Concept Art
    • Characters
    • Environments
    • Props
    • Story Book Pages
    • Book Covers
    • Info Graphics
  • Graphic Design
    • Logos
    • Business Cards
    • Brochures
    • Product Lables
    • Flyers
    • Single Page Contact Websites

“The way we communicate story may change, but I believe
the power and impact story has on the heart, will never change.”

– Isaac Traenkenschuh

Creative Studios

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